Kids' Shoe Size Chart & Size Conversion

How to Measure Your Kids' Feet

We've made it really easy to measure your little person's feet! If you’re not sure of your kids' shoe size, (and checking their current shoes hasn’t helped), follow these easy steps: 

  1. Download the shoe size chart here.
  2. Check that your printer is set to 100% printing scale, otherwise the sizing will not be accurate. 
  3. Print out the kids' shoe size chart. Tip: Once you have printed the chart, before measuring check the control box on the printed page to ensure the scale is correct. 
  4. Place the chart on the floor (a hard surface is best), so that the guide line on the chart is against the wall.
  5. Ask your child to stand on the printed paper. Measure one foot at a time. 
  6. Check that the foot is on the heel line.
  7. Ensure the foot and toes are sitting straight on the paper.
  8. Mark on the paper the point of the longest toe.
  9. Measure both feet as one foot may be larger than the other. Always choose the largest foot size for purchasing. 

Kids' Shoe Size Conversion 

If you know your childs' AU or UK sizing (or the length of your child's foot) use the table below to convert to our EU sizing.